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Special Awards and Recognitions

Patty's Pampered Pet Sitting  meets an increasing demand for pets to be left in their home environment. Patty's Pampered Pets,  was founded on Valentine's Day 1984 in Melbourne, Florida. It was named because   customers state that if they could be reincarnated, they would want to return as one of Patty's Pampered Pets. Still widely known there, it was the oldest and most recognized sitting service in that area at that time.  It serves as a pioneer to pet sitting.

Patty's Pampered Pet Sitting strives  to surpass your expectations in  having received the following  recognitions:

  • Nominated as "National Pet Sitter of the Year";
  • Listed on the National Registry of "Who's Who Among Business Executives and Entrepeneurs";
  • Scholarship recipient twice: Masters (MPA) for "Commitment to Public Service," also  "Her enthusiasm is contagious";
  • Voted the "Best Pet Sitter" in a Central Florida publication (Spotlight magazine); 
  • Recipient of the "Heart of Gold" award through the American Heart Association;
  • Recognized as a "Guardian Angel" through the national Best Friends Animal Society;
  • Named "Unsung Hero of the Day" by a local radio station;
  • Stands alone  among its peers as having customers voting  a raise for this service;
  • Emergency preparedness, serving as a mini-EOC in central Florida during the 2004 hurricane season;
  • A year later held a fund-raiser for Hurricane Katrina  (Baton Rouge), for which the donations were equally shared with the local shelter;
  • Participant in an emergency first aid seminar (intended for veterinary medical students)
  • People heard about Patty's Pampered Pets through parties!!!


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 Our major focus is  Scottsdale and surrounding vicinity. However, we can cover other areas when booked early.

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