Can others be at the home during our absence?

Patty's will not share the responsibility of pet care with others during the time that the customer is not at home. Nobody other than Patty's should be in the home while under contract, unless a scheduled service worker who does not share the pet care. Should another party enter the premises, Patty's will be relieved of any and all liability

What items should we prepare for the smoothest interview?

                A key on file with Patty's, or a new key. A second key is also

                  requested, if available. Garage door openers are unpredictable                   

                  during power outages.                

  • The name and number of anyone else who has access to your home. 
  • The name and number of the vet, even if not local.
  • Current rabies certificate,  if available. This is required by the County.
  • Travel information--air/cruise copy of the itinerary, travel route, etc.
  • Emergency Contact Numbers
  • Other services expected-lawn, housekeeping, realtor, etc.
  • A flashlight (for evening service)
  • Emergency contact information for air conditioner and hot water heater
  • Location of circuit breakers, labelled?
  • Main water shut-off valve (if city)

  • In addition, existing customers are asked to provide updates on:
  • Pet's health, diet, routines, etc.
  • Updates on house keys, alarm codes, services expected
  • Location of rabies certificate and flashlights
  • Updates in travel plans and emergency phone numbers

NOTE: All customers, upon their return, are asked to call and leave a message-- regardless of time. If no message, an additional visit will be made; and the customer will be charged for another visit,  regardless of whether or not the customer is at home.  This is one of the policies that traditionally has set Patty's apart from others.