What form of payment is accepted by Patty's?

Currently accepting cash or check; other forms in the near future.

How are rates determined?

*This service is individually tailored, so it is impossible to quote an exact price without first meeting the customer(s).  An estimate can be given, but the exact amount is determined on a number of factors; including services provided, number of requested visits, distance.

*Patty's has never closed its doors on anyone with a sincere need for service, no matter ability to pay.  Emphasis has always been on the pets; and Patty's is well known for spending more than the scheduled amount of time in providing for the pets' needs.

*There is no additional charge based on the number of pets.

*Promotional  rates start between $20-25. Standard rates are between $25-30. Again, service is tailored to the home.

*The interview costs $20, but this is applied to the first visit.

*A free "trial run" of one visit is included.

*Residents within the Winfield will be charged $15/visit.

*A minimum of 1 visit per day is required, dogs especially require more. 

than this. All cherubs need daily attention; as well as maintaining your home during your absence.

*Any number of visits per day can be accommodated; at some point it is best to discuss overnights.

*Senior discounts are available.

What is involved during the interview?

*A 30-60 minute interview is required; to meet each other and customize service. This will include filling out forms.

*The interview is free if service is actually used; a mandatory $20 fee will otherwise be accepted and applied to future visits.

*Service payment in full is likewise due at the interview.

*A free trial run may be requested.

What other fees are involved?

*Patty's reserves keys in a secure lock box in their office, tags are coded to conceal identity.  A key is requested at the interview; there is an additional $15 fee, if needed to pick up key after that. Since it is assumed that Patty's will maintain the house key, arrangements will need to be made if it is requested to be returned. Therefore,  there will be a $15 service charge each time that a key needs to be picked up; and $15 for the cost of returning keys by certified mail. Keys are not left inside the customer's home, in case travel arrangements are delayed.

*Patty's provides a lock-out key service; however, $15 is requested, and repeated requests will require that a duplicate key be made. 

*Visits are not refunded if less than seven days from departure, or for visits cut short while in progress; however, can usually be applied to future visits.