AT ALL SCHEDULED TIMES...and a little extra...


When should we call Patty's Pampered Pet Sitting?

*When your  pet has special needs.

*Whenever you  travel. 

*When you work.  You need someone to accommodate you.

*When you return home.

*When you have a family emergency or limiting  health concerns.

*When you forget your key and Patty's has one on file.

*Any time during office hours!

What services are included with Patty's?

*The number and type of services vary with each home.  The service is as personal as each individual situation. Quotes  are approximate and require further discussion during the interview.

*Basic services include feeding, walking, playing with your cherubs.

*Can stay overnight in customer's home, when scheduled in advance.

*Can make visits/overnighters in both East and West Valleys,

*Giving administer prescribed medication.

*Litter boxes are included, so is pooper scooping. Homes are left clean and odor free with each visit.

*Bringing in mail, newspapers, packages; so no need to rush to the 

post office upon return home.

*Adjusting lights, including Christmas lights, and shades; setting timers to give "at home" appearance.

*Answering messages, as requested; responding to process server (?).

*Audio can be left on at customer request for comfort with loud noises, such as fireworks. This is especially useful to know for those cherubs who are not used to being around others,  such as  nervous hearing other dogs bark in close quarters.

*Computer apps can be left on so you can watch your fur babies having fun and not being bored. Text messages can also be forwarded to you.

Video/webcams are also an option. Pet selfies can be provided.

*Backup contact for alarm system.

*Emergency contact for air conditioning, water heater, main water valve, safety concerns.

*Contact for other services such as lawn, housekeeping, realtor, etc.

*Basic plant care, as directed.

*Maintaining water levels in pools.

*Adjusting air conditioning/heating.

What other services  are available for a nominal fee?

*Lock-out service.

*Transport services, as needed.

*Transport to dog park (requires training certification).

*Basic shopping for food, litter. other supplies.

*Puppy parties.

*Party supervision of pets while you entertain guests.

*Grief support.

Are there other advantages to using Patty's?


*Services are provided in the customer's home to relieve stress; remain in a familiar environment; continue with routines and habits.

*Patty's has long been recognized for  going "above and beyond" the amount of care, attention, and time devoted to each family and home.

*Patty's is also known for its communication; responsibility does not end until the customer is safely home.

*No "dropping off" is required.

*No additional fees for holidays when booked early.