Client Testimonials


This first testimonial is long in duration but touches upon every aspect of this service:

"I am new to the area and upon arrival, I interviewed several pet sitting services. I chose Patty because she offers the quality of service I want for my very special pet.  Some of the most important aspects of Patty's include:

  • One issue that was very important for me was that I wanted to meet beforehand the person coming into my home to walk my dog. Some of the services have different people coming and going, and I do not feel comfortable with sitters coming into my home that I have not previously met.
  • Another issue is that I wanted professional references, and Patty offered to me up front many letters of reference and gave me several phone numbers to call to check references. Although this may seem standard, during my interviewing process, another pet sitter took offense to my request for references.
  • I wanted someone who was available. I am a nurse who works crazy hours, sometimes at the last minute. Patty does not have a second or third job and do this "on the side". This is her business and she takes it very seriously and has always made accommodations for walking my dog.

                    I REALLY APPRECIATE THIS.

Patty demonstrates a level of professionalism  and responsibility that makes me feel I can trust her. She answers phone calls, returns calls, and communicates openly, clearly, and effectively. She leaves me  detailed notes of her visits with Jack, and I enjoy reading them so much when I get home. Trust is very important especially when I'm "out of town";  and I know she will be there for Jack. 

Patty is there for Jack during emergency situations. I feel comfortable knowing if I'm detained at the hospital due to an emergency (ie, hurricane), Patty would be there for Jack. Patty takes care of "her" pets during hurricanes, fires, gets up in the middle of the night for visits, goes above and beyond what I know anyone else would do in a similar situation.

The most important reason that I value Pattys' service  is that when I do come home, Jack is HAPPY! He shows no signs of stress from my absence and obviously enjoys his time with Patty. Knowing Jack is happy, makes me happy, and allows me to focus at work. Her service enhances the quality of my family's life; and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a superior service for their beloved pet!!!"

-Mary Laura Richardson


"When we returned home we found that Patty had been able to pick up one of our cats that had always resisted the gesture even from us."

_Patrick and Julie A

"It's a comfort to us that when we decide to take a day away for some fun, that Kirby will get such kind and loving treatment from you."

-Judy and Paul Abair

"On the recommendation of a workmate we used your service this time, as we were going to be gone for ten days and our past alternatives just did not appeal to us, due to the long duration that we were going to be gone. Having someone look after our home, as well as our much loved Labs (children) seemed the much better choice. We are so glad that we did and will never again use the other  alternatives. They had been able to keep their same routine in their own space, thus not worrying about our return. The fact that I am a professional (dog) trainer, I feel gives me a real insight into their behavior and body language. Their actions were much different this time than ever before, when we returned. We did not get the usual snubbing that we usually get (letting us know that they were not pleased at being left behind). This time they greeted us happily for a few minutes and then just peacefully laid down for a nap in their favorite spots. WE WERE SO HAPPY!"

-Allen and Adrian Dye


"On one occasion a fire started across the street from my residence.  There was no way for me to drive the thirty miles home before the fire consumed the area. Upon learning that my neighborhood was being evacuated, Patty left to rescue her charge from certain death. Unable to drive within three miles of the fire, she went on foot until she was able to release my dog and get him to safety." -Beverly Barger


"Her caring devotion, constant availability,  attention to detail, extensive knowledge of animals, and unsurpassed pet experiences suggest that Patty is an expert in her chosen field of interest which is unmatched by anyone."

-David and Paula Freed


"Patty first came over to my house a few days before my departure, and Pebbles immediately rolled over on her back for a tummy rub. Since this puts a pet in a vulnerable position, it quickly became obvious that Pebbles had complete trust in Patty and loved her from the very start.  Patty sat down on the couch and Pebbles immediately climbed onto her lap, promptly went to sleep and SNORED the entire time of Patty's stay. Although Pebbles snuggles close to me, I have never been able to get her to lie on my  lap since she was very young.  Patty is  the only one I trust with my house key. I won't even leave town unless I know that she's available. I've already reserved her service in August for Christmas time!"  -Evelyn Stem

"We trusted our beloved dog with her and  he was treated as well, if not better, than we could do. This was a dog who disliked everyone but his family, but loved Patty at first sight." -Henry Meyer


"I have hired pet sitters in the past, but none of them have provided the quality of service as Patty's." -Heather H


"Where can I find another Patty?"

-Joyce and John Tuer

"Patty's is the only pet sitting service we would ever consider recommending."

-Mark and Debbie Tevebaugh


"She means business."

-Donna Bannecke

Another sign of how serious you take your responsibility is that we need to call you when we return from our trips. It's a comfort to know that if, for any reason, we got delayed, you would be there to keep an eye on Kirby until we returned."

-Judy and Paul Abair

"One occasion in which Patty demonstrated superior judgment and tolerance was when our burglar alarm malfunctioned during her evening visit to my home...she called repairmen and remained at my home until they arrrived and repaired the problem. Another time for which I am extremely grateful is when our elderly Collie, who was in the end stages of congestive heart failure, displayed symptoms of complications. Patty promptly took appropriate action and prevented further deterioration of her condition. During both of these episodes, Patty communicated with us via phone to keep us informed and to receive instruction. She was able to successfully deal with both situations and we returned home to healthy, happy, safe pets who adore her."

-Alex and Ed Gunnels (written by a Hospice nurse)


"Patty. you have an amazing stage presence. You light up the room with your smile, and people know that you are there. You take command in a room, and immediately make us feel at ease. You're the  type of person who can hug everyone in a room, and mean it."

-Dianne Murphy

"If ever I've known a person with a heart of gold, it's Patty." -Kathleen Kehagias

"Not many people can attend to business details and animals at the same time without getting frustrated. Patty can."  -Treva Keller


"Shortly before our dog Ruby died, we were called away from town and were worried that Ruby would not be able to go outside as often as she needed due to a weak bladder.  Patty stopped in and not only made the scheduled number of visits, but went beyond her call of duty to be there seemingly around-the-clock for Ruby. She was also very helpful with the grieving process that we both experienced, providing useful information and serving as  a soruce of comfort." 

-Nita and Rich Hampson

*Patty's sits with most pets...except for snakes, gators, and unruly husbands!!*